T-shirt restyling with grandma’s doily!

My grandma loves knitting. She has made a ton of doilies for us. But…i am not a fan of having doilies around the house! I don’t know what i am going to do with all that staff! Anyway i found a solution for one of them!
A butterfly knitted with golden thread! ( I have three more of them! ) I bought a simple white t-shirt to add the butterfly on.

t-shirt restyle

I started by carefully removing the butterfly from the fabric using a small pair of scissors.

t-shirt refashion

t-shirt revamp

I added the doily on the back of the blouse. After some experiments i decided that this was going to be its place…
blouse restyling

I got some iron-on interfacing ( i think it’s also known as spider) and cut it in pieces matching the sides of the butterfly. I fixed them with the iron and in almost no time the doily was fixed in place! I did not use any thread to fix it any further since it was not necessary.  I let it cool down and got my small scissors and carefully started cutting the excess fabric under the doily.

doily blouse

doily t-shirt

Here is the result…

t-shirt revamping with doily
And here is how the tee looks on me…
t-shirt restyle with doily

no sew t-shirt restyling

10 thoughts on “T-shirt restyling with grandma’s doily!

  1. your grandmother made such lovely doily and you have perfectly utilized the beauty of it ! how creatively it’s lined up with the back neckline.. and the result is awesome!

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