Jewellery Organizer Made From Plastic Glasses

  Organizing my jewellery is over! After finding a convenient way for storing my earrings and bracelets, i made an easy jewellery organizer for my necklaces and rings using clear plastic glasses.
diy necklace storage

 Start by making a row of 4 glasses. For the next 2 rows glue 2, and then 3 glasses, one on top of the other for making each row taller than the previous. Glue the glasses together and in 10 minutes your jewellery organizer is ready! And the best? You can make it larger or smaller anytime you want! Plastic glasses are so easy to find!
jewellery necklace display
Easy, DIY jewellery organizer.
 Now everything is nice and tidy!
Enjoy the 2nd month of the year!

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