Bisozozo : The Story of a Name

 Some of you have been asking me if Bisozozo means something and how i came up with it. Well, to be honest someone else made it up! Here’s the story…

how to name my blog

 A few months before i started blogging i met a very beautiful little girl. We were visiting friends and Maria was there with her parents. She was almost 3 years old then and could not speak very clearly or say all the words correctly.  Maria, altough kids do not ever come to me, approached saying “biso zozo…biso zozo“.  What she was trying to say was , in greek,”na tsimpiso tin Zografia”, but she could only say “biso (from tsibiso, which means to pinch someone) zozo (one of my many names!). She jsut wanted to pinch me. That’s what she meant!
From then on everytime she or our friends met me they all called me “biso zozo“. When i was trying to find a name for the blog my other half said “let’s call it bisozozo” ! And that’s what we did! Bisozozo is now one another of my many names!
How did you come up with your blog name? Where did you get your inspiration from? I would to hear your stories!

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20 thoughts on “Bisozozo : The Story of a Name

  1. Helo Zozo. I am soooohappy to have found you. I am a new blogger who is also Greek and have been on the lookout for other Greek bloggers who blog in English as well. I am so happy to have found a few… We will definitely be in touch.

  2. Adorable story! I love that you use that for your blog name! I combined my two favorite things…The color purple + pineapples! I just thought it was cute! It was awesome getting to know the story behind the blog!

    1. Hi Amanda! I love you blog name! It is interesting what each one of us was thinking when choosing the blog name!

  3. Καταπληκτική ιδέα για να ονομάσεις το blog σου έτσι!!
    Πολύ ξεχωριστό!

    Από το πάρτυ της Ελεάννας ήρθα!!

  4. τι γλυκό που το όνομα του μπλογκ σου προέρχεται απο ένα παιδάκι! εγώ όταν έψαχνα για όνομα στο μπλογκ μου ειχε κολλήσει το τραγούδι “happy shiny people…” και κρατησα το happy και προσπάθησα να βρω 2 άλλες λέξεις που με χαρακτηρίζουν και κατέληξα στο happy girly crafty! πρωτη μου φορα εδώ, ήρθα απο το πάρτυ της Ελεάννας καλώς σε βρήκα!

  5. δεν θα μπορουσες να βρεις ωραιοτερο ονομα. το χρωστας στη Μαρία!! απο link party eleanna’s diary

  6. Ε τότε είναι η πιο χαριτωμένη ονομασία μπλογκ μιας και προέρχεται από το στοματάκι ενός μικρού παιδιού!!!!

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