Beaded Wreath

It’s not custom here in Greece to have wreaths hanging at our doors. Sure we hang them for Christmas and the 1st of May maybe. But the rest of the year most doors are empty. I love them though. I think it is a great welcome to our guests. And i believe the wreath is a preview of our home. A little something that shows our home style. And our door has a beaded wreath on it!

Adding some sparkle to the front door!

So today i decided to create a small wreath for our door. Using what i already had . A small polysterene wreath, a piece of fabric and an old bib necklace i no longer wear.

I glued the fabric to the wreath, using white glue. For securing the beads to the wreath i used instant glue.  For hanging the wreath i used the trim from the fabric. So simple! Yet, with a touch of bling! A beaded wreath!

Making a Beaded Wreath

Upcycle old stuff for making a beaded wreath!

After hanging and looking at it, i am thinking it would look great on our gallery wall! As the main piece.

Do you have a wreath at your door?

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20 thoughts on “Beaded Wreath

  1. Love it! We don’t hang wreaths here in Israel anytime, though I love seeing all the versions from around the world! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday and for prooving that certainly saving old jewelry is always a good idea!

  2. This is a great tutorial – even for someone like me who is not crafty. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. #ibabloggers

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