How We Organized Our Small Kitchen

I have been wanting to make this post for a while now, but i kept postponing it! I am not sure why! I just decided today to share with you how we organized our small kitchen! There is not much to do with a rental kitchen but IKEA saved the day! Here’s what we did!

Small Kitchen Organization
We took advantage of the small gap next to the fridge. That’s about 25 cm wide. Laiva bookcase from IKEA was a great fit for that space. That’s were we keep  lots of stuff. Bread, plastic containers, easy to get food supplies.   After the baby started crawling and walking we made a few adjustments to make it safer.

Laiva Bookcase Used For Kitchen Organizing
We also got Variera shelf inserts for our cabinets. We have 5 large and 3 small ones. These simple shelves doubled the storage space in our cupboards. I love them! We use the corner cabinet and another small one as pantry and for keeping stuff we rarely use. Glasses, dishes and pots are in the other 3 cabinets.

How We Doubled Our Kitchen Cabinets Storage
We also got rails , baskets and hooks which we hang under our cupboards. We keep kitchen utensils, coffee, spices and a few baby stuff there. Oh! And the dish soap and sponges! We have 2 adhesive cooks at fridge for our towels.

Small Kitcehn Wall Storage

After the  building basement flooded last year we brought lots of Panos’s stuff from there in the appartment. For -some of – these tini tiny weird things i took advantage of the space above the cabinets. I wrapped them in plastic bags and placed them in some cheap baskets!

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas
I’ll tell you a secret ! Before the baby started moving around the house we had some of Panos’s stuff in the fireplace!!!!!!!!! Shame i know! But they are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any IKEA organization accessories at your kitchen? Who doesn’t right? Even my grandma loves IKEA!

Image Map

P.S. : Needless to say that our kitchen does not usually look like that! I promise i’ll give you the REAL house tour soon!

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42 thoughts on “How We Organized Our Small Kitchen

    1. Είναι τόσο βολικά, που να φανταστείς ότι έχουμε κ ένα σχεδόν άδειο! Τεράστια η κουζίνα πλέον!

    1. Hi Jamie! We keep lots of stuff at the rails above the countertop and we have the whole. tiny, countertop empty!

  1. I love the idea of the hooks under the cupboards – such a nice way to have your main utensils easily accessible! Your kitchen looks beautiful.

  2. I love Ikea and see some of the same things in your kitchen that I have in mine. We have rails and the shelving in our cabinets too. Helps to extend our space a little more.

    1. Hi Erlene! The shelvings are my favorite! Feels like we have tons of space, compared to the before shelvings era!

  3. Wonderful post. I should caveat that I recently made my first trip to IKEA and did a post about it. It is amazing the things you can get at the price. Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday.

    1. I love IKEA. We are lucky! It’s close to our home,so we make lots and lots of visits there!

  4. Love the way you used the space next the refrigerator! Every bit of space needs to be used in a small kitchen! I have very limited cupboard and counter space (we live in an older home), so I bought an extra cupboard to use as a pantry. It works great! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

    1. Hi Catherine! I bought only two of them at first, but they are handy, as you say, so got a few more! I have a couple in my closet too!

  5. We haven’t got IKEA organisation bits in the kitchen but we do have a bit of IKEA throw up living room. We have two Poang chairs, our sofa is an IKEA one. And then we’ll have two white Billy
    Bookcases and a couple of DVD shelves too. I think our coffee table is an IKEA one too lol. Our kitchen could kind of do with more organisation. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Hi Hannah! Every house has something from IKEA. A couch or a laddle! Everybody has something!

  6. Ahh this kitchen is lovely and I love all the creative ways of how you organized it! Thank you for sharing them at the Home Matters linky party! Hope you come again!

  7. Came across your post at the #HomeMattersParty :)Your kitchen looks just great. Its so tough designing small spaces and you’ve really managed to get it all in there. takes me back to when we were designing ours so many years back!! It was crazy!! 😛

    1. Hi Kimberly! We tried a few other solutions but they did not work! As you said it’s tough designing small spaces!

    1. Our kitchen is not the best designed out there! And since it’s a rental we had limited choices! It’s much more functional now!

      1. Your kitchen may be small and may be a rental, but it’s modern and pretty and you’ve done wonders with it.

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