IKEA Lack Hack : The Play Tables

I’m back! It’s been a long, tiring summer. And now that we are back in the city, it’s time to get back to crafting! What a better way to begin with? An IKEA hack. A Lack table hack, to be exact.

IKEA Lack Hack

You might remember the previous IKEA Lack hack. I got 2 small tables and joined them for making a bigger one,so that it would be safer for our little guy.

2 Tables Become 1

The little guy is almost 2 now and he loves cars and play figures. So i turned these 2 tables to one gaming table. He has a piece of felt fabric with a construction site printed on it, which he loves. But as he puts its on the floor he always slips and falls.  The solution?  Secure it on the tables.

This was a great way to experiment on painting furiniture with water based paint. I have only spray painted a couple of pieces at the past. This table goes through a lot, so i thought it would be best to avoid spray paint and try getting a longer lasting result. At least that’s what i am hoping for!

I did all the steps! Sanded, primed, sanded again, painted and sanded again and again! Have a look!

First, i cleaned and sanded the Lack table. The store employee said the primer would be OK even without sanding, but i went on with it anyway!

I applied 2 coats of water based primer. I let each one dry for several hours before sanding and applying the next layer.  I used  a brush for this, but i got too many paint lines. I might use a roller for the next project!

Here's the table after 2 coats of water based primer. See the lines? I am getting it perfect next time!
Here’s the table after 2 coats of water based primer. See the lines? I am getting it perfect next time!

Yes, before painting the table i sanded again! I used a 180grit paper for the primer, but as i applied more paint i used finer papers.

I applied 4 thin coats of paint, using a foam roller. There were LOTS of tiny bubbles every time, but they disappeared as the paint dried.

Again, i left the paint dry very well, before sanding and painting the next layer. As i applied more layers, it took less and less sanding. So i used finer papers. I used a 600grit paper for the last paint layer.

Painting A Lack Table

I read all about sanding and how important it is between each layer, but i only believed it when i saw it! Such a smooth finish! I will use a plam sander on the next project though. It should do a better job than me!

After finishing with the painting, Mr. Practical took action. He used a staple gun for securing the felt onto the table! So we can take it out without ruining (a lot) the table top!

I did not use sealant on the table. I want to see how much can the paint last form all the traffic the table has! And it’s a lot!

Needless to say that the boss of the house is loving his new table! He runs around it, with his cars on hand, like crazy! And i love the paint job! My brother has a pedestal coffee table they are not using! That’s going to be my next makeover attempt! I’ll make sure i use a sealer to that one!

Lack Table Hack : A Play Table

What do you think of our play table? Have you made any furniture transformation using water based paint?

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32 thoughts on “IKEA Lack Hack : The Play Tables

  1. Hi Zozo! I’m so glad you shared this at Five Star Frugal last week. I’m off to IKEA tomorrow to grab some Lack tables! I hope you’ll join us again this week. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Thank you for hosting! My little guy is 22 months and loves it. He gets his small chair and sits there. He has his work space!

  2. This is such a smart, cute and clever idea! What child wouldn’t love their own cool play table! Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark. I’m featuring your play table project at this week’s party. Hope you’ll stop by to check it out and link up again – the party starts at 6am EST tomorrow 🙂

    1. We still have a few toys around the floor, the bathtub and ofcourse the balcony! And luckily NO legos yet!

  3. That’s such a cute table. My toddler would love one. He was even pointing out the cars in the pictures as I was reading this. How did you attach the felt playmat to the tables?

    1. Kids are great! We stapled the felt to the tables. With a staple gun like the ones used for upholstery.

  4. This is such a great idea! My kids are always playing on my coffee table and I need to find something else for them to sit their cars, barbies and stuffed animals on. Thank you for sharing this and linking up to Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party!

  5. That is adorable!! My son always loved to play a bit off of the ground, so this would have been perfect when he was younger!! Love it!

    1. Hi Jamie. Our little guy prefers sitting on his tiny chair and play with his toys , than stand up all the time. It’s really funny to watch those tiny legs move front and back when he is sitting!

    1. Yes, it was really cheap. We already had everything we needed! He has his own desk now! Thanks for stopping by!

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