How To Create An Entryway When Your Home Does Not Have One

 Yes, i do love a home with a beautiful, welcoming entryway! But not all of us are lucky to have one! And being a renter is making the job a bit more difficult! Here’s our solution for this, let’s call it, problem. This is the first post on how to create an entryway, when your home does not have one. This is the easy part! So, let’s move on…

Creating an entryway, when there is not one!

Here’s a look of our home. Yes, as soon as you enter there is the dining area on your right and the kitchen on your left. Where do we live our keys? On the dining table! Where do we keep our everyday shoes? Hmm…usually under the chair, right next to the door! Such a beauty, right?

Entryway idea for a rental

Let’s go back tot he beginning! When we first moved into the house we had our dining table parallel to the wall. Like that…


…after the baby came, we turned the table  to make some space for the stroller. And then the shoes, since everyone that visited left their shoes there when the little guy started crawling and walking. Next…we added a small, white, cupboard on the corner to keep the shoes there, but we rarely use it. We keep the boss’s work shoes there. It fits perfectly to that corner and since it’s white it works great!

 Now that i have decided to make some changes at our living room area – and my love started “oh no!come on!leave everything as it is! why are the shelves bothering you? bla..bla…”-  i removed the Lack shelves we had above the sofa. And decided to use one of them for creating a, let’s call it, entryway! Here’s where my love comes to help. I asked him to place the longer self below the mirror we already had there. And…ta’s our key holder! And mail holder to be honest!

A keyholder idea for a small entryway

 See how easy this was? I hope this is helpful to some of you who might be facing the same issue! I am trying to decide on a design for building a bench with some storage for our shoes and maybe a couple of guest shoes, so the chair gets back to its place : the dining table.


Image Map


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    1. Hi Mariam, if we owned the house we could do more than this, but as renters we can not make big changes!

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