Chandelier Makeover Using Fusion Mineral Paint

I guess you already know it : colors and i do not have a good relationship. I do love a colorful home when i see it, but i would not add color in our home. Except for the bedroom! That’s the one room where i experiment with colors. And after adding the colorful headboard and already having colored drapes i moved to the next step. The chandelier makeover!

Chandelier Makeover Using Fusion Mineral Paint

I got this chandelier from my grandmother last year and  spray painted it purple , in an attempt to match our drapes. It’s a colorful mess in there! To be honest i never really liked how the chandelier color matched everything else in the room. So, i painted the walls white and decided to give the chandelier a new look.  And here’s were Fusion paints comes in! I have been reading a lot for this paint. And i have seen lots of beautiful furniture projects. And the Ceramic Green paint is so pretty! Don’t you agree? I got a tester  (37ml) to try for my chandelier makeover. Fusion Paint is all in one. From foundation to finish. I did slightly sand the chandelier before painting though.

Fusion Ceramic

I applied 2 coats of paint, like Fusion Paint suggests. And after the very first stroke of paint on the metal i was excited with the result!

  • There is no annoying odour!
  • The paint runs smoothly and it is really easy to work with. I must say that although i used a cheap paint brush and not the ones proper for the Fusion paint the paint left no annoying strokes. For a larger project though i will get a proper Fusion brush!
  • And last, but not least…a bit of paint goes a really really long way with a perfect finish! There is plenty of paint left, in my 37ml tester, enough for painting my small IKEA Vittsjo office!

Here’s the purple before:

Spray Painted Chandelier

And here’s the freshly painted after:

The difference of applying matte top coat on a chandelier ,painted with Fusion mineral paint

Chandelier makeover. Going from purple to green with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Now we need something for the wall above the bed!

After applying 2 coats of paint i used a top coat, although it is not necessary,  just for adding some extra shine! Have you ever worked with Fusion paint? Did you love it as much as i did?

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24 thoughts on “Chandelier Makeover Using Fusion Mineral Paint

  1. Never used fusion pant.. Love the colours though!
    Thanks for linking up at Bloggers Spotlight Link and Pin-It Party! Your post was pinned to our group board.

  2. What a lovely transformation! I love using Fusion Mineral Paint and this colour has always been one of my favourites 🙂 Thanks you so much for linking this up at the Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party last week. You will be one of my Featured picks over at Recreated Designs tomorrow. Hugs, Lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa! That’s great news! I have been reading a lot about Fusion, so i decided to give it a try and i loved! I also loved their red and all the metallics! They’re next on the list!

    1. Hello Leanne! I think green looks better! I want to experiment with the paint and the chandelier was the easiest victim! yes, the paint has an excellet coverage. After only one coat it covered the lamp perfectly.

  3. I love that green. Although, I also really liked that purple as well. Colorful chandeliers are the best! I’ve got a coral one in my bedroom and I adore it. You’ve made me think about doing another one for the dining area!

  4. Κατ αρχάς το φωτιστικό έγινε υπέροχο. Αυτό το πράσινο είναι από τα ωραιότερα χρώματα για μένα. Όχι δεν την ήξερα αυτή την μπογιά … από που την προμηθεύεσαι; Ξέρεις εγώ με τις μπογιές έχω ιδιαίτερη σχέση! Φιλιά και καλό μήνα!

    1. Καλησπέρα Χριστίνα! Με το ταλέντο σου ακόμα και το μαύρο θα το κάνεις να φαίνεται το πιο λαμπερό χρώμα! Από όσο είδα στο site της εταιρείας, έχουν μόνο στην Θεσσαλονίκη αντιπρόσωπο. Περίεργο που δεν έχουν στην Αθήνα! Συνεργάζονται κ με κάποια ηλεκτρονικά καταστήματα, αν θες να το ψάξεις. Αν χρειαστείς κάτι άλλο στείλε μου Mail. Φιλιά!

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for hosting! I have some paint left, and i’ll try that on another project too. You should visit their site! If you need anything else i’d love to help!

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