Round It Up: 10+1 Upcycle Projects Michelle Made

Hello…hello…hello! 3 times, the Sheldon way! Today’s round up post is all about Michelle’s from MichlinLA upcycle craft ideas. It’s amazing how she can take the smallest, weirdest thing and use it for making something trully unique! It was not easy choosing only 10+1 of her ideas to share with you. I am sure you will find her work interesting!

Earring display stand, photo holder, card holder these beauties will do the job!

That’s how i met Michelle, i tried to figure out what she used for making these pendants.

Get some straws and start creating!

And even if you have a bracelet you are not so fond of, upcycle that too!

Do you have any packing clips for skis? Michelle has lots of ideas for reusing them.

You want a pair of these wire earrings? Michelle makes it look really really easy!

Tassels and zip ties? Yes, for making out of the ordinary bookmarks.

Do NOT throw away your broken umbrella! You’ll need it for making these.

Curtain rods are not just for curtains!

Clothespins for making jewelry? Yes, of course!

Can you guess what these are made from? You’ll be surprised!

Enjoy your weekend! There’s a Vitssjo table hack coming next week!

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4 thoughts on “Round It Up: 10+1 Upcycle Projects Michelle Made

  1. I love the things you chose for me, Zografia! I laughed when I saw the last one – yes, one of the weirdest. Thank you soooo much, I was having a bad day and now I feel much better. You are awesome for doing the lovely feature.

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