Expanding Decorating Horizons : Tiffany Lamps Ideas

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After the recent changes around here, with our new dining table, i am starting to think : “hmm…how about going for a mix and match style?”. Eclectic is one of my favorites right now! And while searching for lighting inspiration at Parrot Uncle i saw these beautiful tiffany lamps ideas!

Tiffany Lamps Ideas
Clockwise from top left : Butterflies And Flowers Pendant Lamp, Vintage Red Floor Lamp, Green Jadestone Decors Table Lamp, Downbridge Table Lamp, Geometric Color Stripes Wall Sconce
Photos source: Parrot Uncle

 Table, floor or pendant lights , you’ll find them all!  The beautiful, colorful glass shades will certainly add a new feeling in any space.  There are so many options that choosing only one will not be an easy thing to do. Daffodils, vines, lotus, umbrella, cone or dome shade shapes, intricate motifs and the pretty chain sockets are irresistible.

Tiffany Table and Pendant Lighting
Clockwise from top right : Vine Table LampFeather Pendant Light, Sea Shell Shade in Arc Arm Style Table Lamp
Photos source: Parrot Uncle

 Let me tell you a bit more about the plans living in my stunning head…hopefully we (by “we”, i mean my unfortunate husband) are going to build a console table to place behind our sofa. When that is done i am thinking of placing two small tiffany lights on the console or maybe a gorgeous floor lamp in the corner behind the sofa. I will not stop playing with the chain sockets in this case, that’s for sure!

Chain Sockets Tiffany Lamps
From left to right : Glass Leaf Floor Lamp, Black Edge Two Lights Floor Lamp, Colorful Flowers Table Lamp
Photos source: Parrot Uncle

 Would you add an elegant tiffany lamp in your house?  What’s your decorating style? Eclectic, modern, industrial or rustic you are sure to find table, floor or pendant lighting you’ll love at Parrot Uncle!

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8 thoughts on “Expanding Decorating Horizons : Tiffany Lamps Ideas

    1. Still waiting for Panos to make that sofa table. Summer in Greece means everything is slow, we spent every weekend, from May until early September, in Chalkidiki, so no building! Just swimming and beer!

  1. hi! I picked up a table tiffany at a yard sale for………….. 10 dollars! it had been marked 15, my friend said offer 10, i said no, itis WORTH 15 dollars! She said , so what? So i offered 10 dollars..and they accepted! It has a dent and a bit of broken glass on one side, still intact, which makes it all the prettier to me. It is oneof my favorite pieces. They ARE like ladies arent they? so Pretty!

  2. All these lights are so pretty!! What a great selection!! Tiffany lamps are so gorgeous!! Hope you find the perfect one for your home.

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