$100 Room Challenge: Bedroom Reveal

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That’s it! The $100 Room Challenge is over and it’s reveal today for everyone taking part in this challenge organized by Erin of Lemons, Lavender and Laundry.  This was my first time taking part in a such a challenge. And i loved it! After living in this house for 6 years i can finally say that i like our bedroom and i love making the bed!

Here’s what our terrible bedroom looked before the makeover. And here is how it looked like way before that floral headboard. I never really liked our bedroom furniture, but i had only 2 options, and that was the best of the two. I tried experimenting with color, but it’s just not my thing obviously!

Bedroom Makeover challenge

So the first thing that had to go was that headboard and bedding.  And that change only cost me 28$. Yes, 28$. Ikea and my (affiliate) Singer 2250 sewing machine worked wonders! My sister in law gave me the faux fur throw and it was a perfect match with my colors.


Black And White With A Touch Of Grey And Brown For Our Bedroom Makeover

Next on my list were the curtains and wall decor. The cost for these? 0$! We had a white curtain with colorful mini pom poms on it and purple drapes. Not any more!My mom had a piece of white curtain fabric with floral embroidery on it, like our white blanket and our home office black and white chair.

Vintage White Curtains With Floral Embroidery

I used an expandable trellis fence for decorating above our bed. I used the placstic leaves it had for adding some greenery at our balcony and i have kept the trellis. It came to good use now.

Above the bed decorating idea.


No makeover is complete without proper lighting, right? Another 0$ for that one. I upcycled a wine bottle, a cardboard box and some popsicle sticks for making a table lamp. I’ll share the how-to for that one next week.

DIY Wine Bottle And Popsicle Sticks Table Lamp

And for the ceiling, i, sorry, my poor husband took down our chandelier. I had already painted that one twice! Purple and then green. No comments please. Pinterest in not always a good thing! I used our (affiliate) Dremel 4000 and felt polishing wheels for removing the 2 coats of paint and bringing back the original gold of the light fixture. The felt wheels not only removed the paint but also polished and cleaned the metal making it look better then before.

Removing 2 coats of paint using Dremel tool.

So, using only 28$ i finally managed to have a beautiful bedroom. And here’s my advice if you want a low budget bedroom makeover, or any room makeover , but you have limited or no budget:

  •  Upcycle. Make old things new and give them new use. Like our table lamp and trellis fence.
  •  Ask around. Check with friends and family to see if they have something you like and could use. Lights, bedding, curtains, accessories etc.
  •  Paint! Paint can make a huge difference and does not cost that much. Get a spray paint for an old lamp or vase or paint your room. I got a great bargain last year and painted our entire home and ceilings for only 50$!

$100 Room Challenge. Reveal Day. Low Budget Bedroom Makeover , Total Cost 28$

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3


That’s all! I love our room now! Looks like an adult room! Have you got any plans for a makeover? Before you do that check out what the other participants have made in their $100 Room Challenge!


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42 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge: Bedroom Reveal

  1. Μου άρεσε που τοποθέτησες την τάβλα πίσω από το κρεβάτι και μοιάζει διπλό το κεφαλάρι!! Το κάλυμμα της καρέκλας σου όλα τα λεφτά!!! Με τη λάμπα-μπουκάλι μου έδωσες ιδέα, αν βέβαια μου βγει 😉
    Μπράβο Ζωγραφιά, να είσαι καλά να το χαρείς!

    1. I could not spent more than 50$ on this. That was my budget. I was lucky to find things i liked from family memebers.

    1. Thank you. Hopefully i’ll get a small corner closet with the rest of the money, when i get them, for more storage.

  2. I love how you decorated your bedroom Zografia. There are so many unique touches all over. The trellis fence above the bed looks so amazing, I would never have thought of doing something like that but it makes such a lovely statement. And the wine bottle and Popsicle stick bedside lamp, just wow. So unique

    1. Thank you Michelle. I’ve had my mind on the trellis for some time now and this Challenge was a greta chance for a makeover.

  3. Zografia your bedroom looks so sophisticated with those neutral colors. I really love the trellis that you have placed over the bed. The browns also bring a warmth to the room. I feel sorry for your husband though and the never ending story of the lamp. 😉

    1. It’s over Mary! It’s not coming back down,not until the day we move. When that time comes. I’ve learned my lesson!

    1. Thank you. You never know what treasures you might find when you ask around! I even got some vintage liquer glasses from my grandma!

    1. Thank you Patti. To be honest i did not have any more budget, so i had to be restricted to less way less than $100! It sure was a challenge!

  4. Okay I feel like a dummy now, lol, a few weeks ago I thought the flower-y headboard was the new one! It’s bright and happy, but I like the sleek black/brownish for sure. Totally my style. A DIY headboard is on my list!

    1. Oh, i’ll check my post and see if i wrote something wrong. Thank you. I can’t wait to see your black wall!

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