$100 Room Challenge: Bedroom Makeover Week 2

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I got out of schedule this week. So sorry. I had strong itching on Monday evening and then rashes showed up on both my hands. I thought it was another incident of chronic urticaria, but there was a surprise. It’s hand, foot and mouth disease. I have not slept for 2 nights in a roll and the itching is…oh my! No words for it! I pray that no one gets it from me. These were all the health news. Back to the makeover.
 This week, continuing the low budget room makeover, i changed the curtains and added an eye-catching decoration above our bed. I am excited to say that both of these cost me $0! Yes, $0…My mom had the curtain fabric, but has never used it. I was looking for white curtains, and there you have it! Our sheer white curtains, with white floral emroidery on them. We have floral pattern on our bedspread, also white on white. And my home office chair, i borrowed one form our dining chairs, has also floral upholstery, black and white.

Vintage White Curtains With Floral Embroidery

$100 Room Challenge. New Bedroom Curtains

But, the big star of this room is the decoration above the bed. You know those (affiliate link) expandable trellises fences with the artificial ivy, right? Well, i got one a couple of years ago, removed the plastic leaves and used them for decorating one corner of our balcony railing. I did not use a specific pattern, so it would look more real.  But, i did not throw away the fence. It’s been outside, in a corner and now is the time for it’s glory! Above the bed decorating with an expandable trelis fence!
Above the bed decorating idea.

Wall Decoration Idea. Above the bed or a sofa. Using an expandable trelis fence.

So far, the cost for this low budget room makeover is 28$, for getting the cushions and fabric for the bed. Not bad! Next week i’ll tell you all about the bedroom lighting and our home office!

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28 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge: Bedroom Makeover Week 2

    1. Although we do have a big, bold headboard now, there was something missing,because it is one big wall. And that trellis worked!

  1. Oh zozo…love the curtains..thank your mom for me! Sometimes we buy or obtain things just because we appreciate their beauty. Not necessarily use them. I have a few things like that…I am also looking for burnout curtains..in sheer white. Lovely work in progress ,zozo. 🤗

    1. She’s gonna be here any minute now Niki, i’ll thank her for you. For your new home, right? Let me know what you find!

    1. Thank you! Panos has put lots of nails, so it does not fall on our heads, like he said to the little guy!

    1. Low budget makes us come up with lots of ideas! I am much better, thank you and all i want to do is sleep and then sleep a bit more!

    1. Thank you. My dad keeps wondering why “did the wall bother me and had to put it there”, but i love it.

  2. That is a unique idea to use a trellis for decor above your bed! You could clip cards or art on it too! The curtains are lovely, I have white curtains all over my house! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Zografia, hope your hands feel better!

    1. I tought of clipping cards, they would add some interest and fun on the trellis. Thank you for hosting, i am much better thank you. Just waiting for the rashes and blisters to go away at some point! Have a great week.

  3. Zografia I think the trellis is such a great idea. It gives so much interest and texture to the room. And the curtains are also very pretty and in keeping with the rest of the room. I hope you are feeling better.

    1. Thank you Mary. I was a bit afraid o fthe trellis, but i finally decided to use it. I am much better, thank you.

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