Weekend Finds: Home Decor Shopping at H&M

I went shopping this weekend. ALONE! My husband had to work on Saturday and when our little guy heard the word “tools”, he rushed into his bedroom got this tool boxes and said he wanted to go with his dad. I just took advantage of the opportunity and they dropped me off at the mall! And my shopping alone did not involve a visit to the supermarket! Perfect!

After walking around and looking at a few spring dresses that of course do not fit, since my belly is already large enough, i headed to one of my favorite stores, H&M! I ended up buying pregnancy and toddler clothes. And that laundry bag in the last row. BUT i found some great choices for a couple of changes i want to make around here.

Like the candlesticks in the first row. I am probably going for the first ones, a tall and a shorter one for a tray vignette i’m thinking for our dining table. An old crystal vase, the candlesticks and maybe that beautiful emerald jar!

And these black and white pillows and throw will be perfect for a bedroom spring refresh! Just got to find the money for buying all of them now!

Which one is your favorite? Are you also an H&M fan?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Finds: Home Decor Shopping at H&M

    1. I visited last week, their central store in Thessaloniki, and it was a good thing i did not have lots of money with me!

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