3 Craft Ideas That Stand The Test Of Time

Over the past years i have made a thing or two. Most of them for our home, some craft ideas published and some not. A few of them, like the wine bottle vase, are no longer here. Friends and family are using them in their homes. And there are these that are either old or getting too much traffic and are still holding strong. Let’s have a look at them, beginning with the oldest one.

Στα τόσα χρόνια του μπλογκ έχω φτιάξει κάποια πραγματάκια. Κάποια τα δημοσίευσα και κάποια άλλα όχι. Μερικά από αυτά, όπως το μπουκάλι κρασιού που έγινε βάζο δεν είναι πλέον εδώ. Φίλοι και οικογένεια τα έκανα δικά τους. Υπάρχουν και μερικά, τα οποία είναι παλιά ή ταλαιπωρούνται  αρκετά, παρ’όλα αυτά αντέχουν! Ας δούμε πως τα πάνε, ξεκινώντας από το πιο παλιό.

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No Zipper Pillow Cover & The 2$ Dollar Headboard

DIY No Zipper Pillow Cover

 This post contains affiliate links to products i love and i hope you do too.

As you might remember from the previous post for our bedroom makeover i sewed the pillow and headboard covers with my SINGER 2250 Tradition Sewing Machine, today i am sharing with you how i made my no zipper pillow cover for the square and lumbar pillows and my 2$ headboard cover.

Αν θυμάστε την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα, που ξεκίνησε η μίνι ανακαίνιση του υπνοδωματίου,  σας ανέφερα ότι έραψα τα καλύμματα για τα μαξιλάρια και το κεφαλάρι. Σήμερα λοιπόν θα σας πω πως τα έκανα με την ραπτομηχανή μου.

Bedroom Makeover In Neutrals


For making the 4 square pillow covers, i used the tutorial from A Curiously Chic Life.  The tutorial is great and it’s an easy project even for a dummy like me! I also made a lumbar pillow cover. Since i had no zippers around,  i made that one like an envelope too. I sewed a flap, using the black fabric, on one side. Like a flap pocket.  This way it’s really easy to remove the cover and adds a pop of black to my pillow. I love black! Here’s what i did and how you could do it too:

  •  Cut the fabric for your cover, a few inches shorter than needed. This is not a pillow cover that wraps around the entire pillow. Hem one of the short sides first. Fold the hem on the other short end and before sewing secure a small piece of the same or another fabric, i used black, on it. We want that extra piece to be large enough to cover the opening of the pillow cover and tuck it in, so the pillow inside is not visible.
  • Sew the long sides, flip it inside out and your pillow cover is ready. You could add ribbons on both sides to tie the cover. I chose not to. So here’s one no zipper pillow cover.

DIY No Zipper Pillow Cover

And now the tough one. The headboard cover. I got black fabric dye and painted an old tablecloth for this one.  Let’s get started. I hope you find this 2$ headboard cover idea useful.

  •  Cover the front and back of the headboard, all the way to the floor, with the black fabric. Cut 2 long pieces of fabric, wider than the sides of the headboard. We will use them to make the fitted cover.  We are making a big one this time. Pin the stripes of fabric to the back side of the cover and headboard and sew them.
  • Here comes the tough part. Our headboard is a bit curvy in the front side. After sewing the back sides, i placed the cover again on the headboard. I pinned the sides to the front up to the height were the headboard got narrower and curvy. I removed it and sewed them. Then back to the headboard again. I placed the fabric and carefully started pinning the remaining fabric, following the bed lines. Now that the cover was sitting in place, it was easier to make the tricky part. After i finished i sewed that and i was finally over. If you are lucky and have a straight headboard you will skip all that and just sew front and back straight from the beginning.
  • If you want to cover the bottom part of the bed headboard, just cut a piece of fabric, sew it to the side of the headboard and secure it with double sided tape.  Ready!


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This is a grown up room now! Or at least trying to become one. I am making some changes at our bedroom curtains, so i will be saving money on that! The big question is : what am i going to do with that wall above our bed!


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So It Begins…The Bedroom Makeover

Black And White With A Touch Of Grey And Brown For Our Bedroom Makeover

 This post contains affiliate links to faux fur throws for your convenience.

 We have been living in this house for almost 6 years and this is the first time i actually like bedroom. Our bed, to be exact. I hated that bed from that very first time we got it, but that’s another story! After a few experiments with color, which i kind of liked, but not loved, i turned to neutrals. I tried color, failed and i am going back to my favorite black and white! With a touch of brown and grey. They sound a lot, i know, but they are not. Our bedroom makeover begins. I hope you enjoy it!

 Μετά από σχεδόν 6 χρόνια διαμονής σε αυτό το σπίτι είναι η πρώτη φορά που μου αρέσει η κρεβατοκάμαρα μας. Το κρεβάτι για να είμαι ειλικρινής, θα φτάσουμε και στην ανακαίνιση όλου του δωματίου, σιγά σιγά. Αφού λοιπόν το προσπάθησα με τα χρώματα, αλλά δεν είχα τρελαθεί κιόλας, επέστρεψα στο λατρεμένο ασπρόμαυρο, με λίγο καφέ και γκρι. Λίγο, όχι πολύ.

Black And White With A Touch Of Grey And Brown For Our Bedroom Makeover

 You can read all about my first attempt for making over the bed here.  It was ok i think, but i can not stand color, what can i say? After getting a new dining table we placed the old tabletop behind our bed, that was the most convenient place for it,  and that was it. The time for a bedroom makeover.

 Εδώ μπορείτε να διαβάσετε για την πρώτη απόπειρα ανανέωσης του κρεβατιού. Είπα να πειραματιστώ με το χρώμα, αλλά δεν δουλεύει αυτή η σχέση τελικά.  Συνεχίζω…όταν αλλάξαμε το τραπέζι μας βάλαμε την τάβλα πίσω από το κρεβάτι, μόνο εκεί χωρούσε δηλαδή, και τότε πήρα την απόφαση. Είχε έρθει η ώρα να τα αλλάξω σχεδόν όλα στο δωμάτιο.

How to hide a table top in plain view!

 So…i got an old tablecloth and black fabric dye and there was the fabric for our headboard and 2 cushions. That only cost me 2€! Yes, 2€ for a new headboard! Not bad! I got the geometric fabric and two larger cushions from IKEA. These cost 26€. I already had the bolster pillow and the faux fur throw blanket. Total cost so far : 28€!  I sewed the pillow and headboard covers with my sewing machine. I’ll get back to them next week.

 Και να πως έγινε… έβαψα ένα παλιό τραπεζομάντηλο μαύρο. Η βαφή στοίχισε 2€. Έτοιμο το ύφασμα για το κεφαλάρι και 2 μαξιλαράκια.  Το ύφασμα με το γεωμετρικό σχέδιο καθώς και τα 2 μεγάλα μαξιλάρια τα πήρα από το ΙΚΕΑ. Αυτά στοίχισαν 26€. Το μακρόστενο μαξιλάρι και το ριχτάρι τα είχα εδώ και καιρό στην ντουλάπα. Σύνολο : 28€. Όχι κι άσχημα! ΄Εραψα τα καλύμματα για τα μαξιλάρια και το κεφαλάρι με την μηχανή μου. Θα σας πω περισσότερα για αυτά από βδομάδα.

Bedroom Makeover In Neutrals

 Hopefully this makeover will not cost more than 100$. I still have to paint the chandelier, the Vitssjo office, get new curtains and decorate above our bed. I am thinking white curtains and black chandelier. What do you think? Are you planning a bedroom makeover?

 Ελπίζω ότι αυτές οι αλλαγές θα στοιχίσουν λιγότερα από 100€. Πρέπει να βάψω το φωτιστικό, το γραφείο, να αλλάξω κουρτίνες και να διακοσμήσω πάνω από το κρεβάτι. Λέω να κάνω μαύρο το φωτιστικό και να πάρω λευκές κουρτίνες. Εσείς τι λέτε ; Έχετε στο πρόγραμμα καμία ανακαινισούλα ;

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Our New 50 Year Old Dining Table & Life Updates

A beautiful 50 year old oval dining table

 Oh, wow! It’s been more than a month since my last post. I must admit this was a very relaxing period!  And after a another visit to my endocrinologist i am now an a new pill, which after almost a month, seems to be working. This doctor believes that one of the excipients of my first medication was the problem. Probably an allergic reaction to one of them. I am a sensitive person with angry cells, like my allergist says it! But the big question is : which excipient was it? and how am i going to find out?

 My new medication has the same levothyroxine dose like the first one, but the excipients are only water and glycerine. The only serious problem is that my TSH almost doubled in the last 4 months, from 1.15 to 2.23 . Doctor said that since we want to have another baby, my TSH must be below 2.5 . We’ll see what happens!

 And now to our new dining table. My grandma had this for almost 50 years and now that she moved to a new house she no longer needs this. Ever since i was a child i liked this table so much! I called dibs and now it’s in our home! It’s a round, 112cm diameter, table but we added the 40cm wide extension to make it oval and a bit larger. Look at these legs!

A beautiful 50 year old oval dining table

And the wavy detail. It’s in a pretty good shape. The gorgeous legs need a touch up. And there are some paint drops on the side, visible only from a close distance. I am only worried about the veneer. It’s got a couple of scratches and some minor cracks in some spots. It’s not peeling, yet. I am only staining the legs and sanding the paint drops. I think i’ll leave the veneer as it is for now.  And we’ll see how this goes. What do you think?

A 50 year old dining table found its place in our home

A few cracks and scratches are a problem, a minor one at the moment

 Our home looks bigger and our old table top rests behind our bed. We have a pretty big headboard now! And i must find a centerpiece suitable for our dining table.


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