Weekend Finds: 5+1 Colorful Home Decor Accessories

 This post contains affiliate links to colorful home decor accessories i love and i hope you do too.

You know it. I do not love color! Like my friend Niki is saying “and maybe not your style”.  I have tried it but it did not work. This week i thought i’d try some color though.  Here are colorful home decor accessories that i definitely would not mind having in our home. How about you?

 Με ξέρετε…τρελαίνομαι για χρώμα. Πετυχημένο, έτσι ;  Μετά λοιπόν από τόσο μπεζ, μαύρο, άσπρο κλπ, είπα να ψάξω να βρω και μερικά αντικείμενα με χρώμα. Δεν θα με χαλούσε να είχα κάποιο από αυτά στο σπίτι μας. Εσάς ;

Colorful Home Decor Accessories

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Weekend Finds: 5+1 Made in Greece Home Accents

Made In Greece Home Accents Finds

 This post contains affiliate links to products i love and i hope you do too. I have no personal relationship with any of the shop owners. After a lot of searching i chose the products i loved the most and would personally buy.

I am sorry to have missed last Weekend’s Finds. We had a big family wedding last weekend. But this week we are back on schedule, with beautiful handmade creations made by Greek artists.  Home Accents Made In Greece.

Ελπίζω να συγχωρέσετε την απουσία μου την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα. Είχαμε οικογενειακό γάμο και ξέρετε πως πάει! Αυτή τη βδομάδα όμως έχω να μοιραστώ μαζί σας υπέροχες χειροποίητες δημιουργίες Ελλήνων καλλιτεχνών.


Made In Greece Home Accents Finds

  1. Grape Gold Copper Opal Glass Pendant Light by Light Cookie / 2. Wood Desk Lamp With Organizing Box by Edis Lamps / 3.  Oak Wood Table Lamp by Lighting Alchemy / 4. White Flowers on An Aluminum Stand by Paraschis / 5. Not really a home accent, although it would make a great wedding souvenir for all the romantic brides out there, Wedding Seating Chart by Printable Memories Co. / 6. Brass Tic Tac Toes by Arktos Art


So much color once again! Which one of today’s home accents was your favorite or even better who is your favorite Greek creator?

Σας τάραξα στο χρώμα πάλι! Λοιπόν, ποιο θα διαλέγατε ή ακόμη καλύτερα ποιος είναι ο αγαπημένος σας Έλληνας δημιουργός ; Ή ένας από όλους τους αγαπημένους σας ;

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Weekend Finds: 5+1 Candleholders

  This post contains affiliate links to products i love and i hope you do too.

 Hello everybody. How was your weekend? We enjoyed Saturday in our city, visiting museums and parks. The weather was perfect! We had some unexpected news last week. I got a bit off schedule, so i missed Thursday’s post. It’s ready to be published in a couple of days, though. Until that one comes, enjoy these Weekend Finds: Candleholders.

 Γεια σας…γεια σας. Πώς περάσατε το Σαββατοκύριακο? Το Σάββατο εκμεταλλευτήκαμε τον ήλιο και γυρνούσαμε βόλτες! Είχαμε και κάποια ξαφνικά νέα την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα και βγήκα λίγο εκτός προγράμματος. Την Πέμπτη όμως επιστρέφουμε στο πρόγραμμα.  Μέχρι τότε απολαύστε τις ανακαλύψεις του Σαββατοκύριακου : Κηροπήγια.

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Weekend Finds: 5+1 Gorgeous Wine Glasses

Beautiful Wine Glasses

 This post contains affiliate links to products i love, and i hope you love too.

This was a loooong weekend. It actually began on Friday. Our 3 year old toddler was ill! Yes, a bit of fever, a runny nose and a looot of whining. So this weekend called for a lot of wine! And because i really pay attention to my wine glass here is a selection of beautiful wine glasses! Cheers!

 Αχ! Τι Σαββατοκύριακο κι αυτό. Ο 3 χρόνος μικρός μας ήταν άρρωστος. Πυρετό, βουλωμένη μύτη και τα σχετικά! Ένα κρασάκι, και δύο δηλαδή, το σήκωνε η περίσταση! Κι αφού το ρίξαμε στο κρασί, ας δούμε και μερικά πανέμορφα ποτήρια για το κρασάκι μας! Στην υγειά σας!

Beautiful Wine Glasses

  1. Fitz and Floyd® Luster White Wine Glass in Gold (Set of 4)  \  2. Pols & Potten Wine Glass  \  3. LSA Edge Red Wine Glasses


Beautiful Wine Glasses

  1.  4. Fitz and Floyd Daphne 20-ounce Stemless Glasses (Set of 4)  \  5. Lorren Home Trends Enigma Collection Red Wine Stem Glasses (Set of 6), One Size, Clear  \  6. LSA Elina Wine Glass



 So, which one of  these beautiful wine glasses is your favorite? And which is your favorite wine? I love Lalikos Rose and Tsantali Kanenas White.

 Λοιπόν, ποιο από όλα είναι το αγαπημένο σας ποτήρι ; Και το κυριότερο, ποιο είναι το αγαπημένο σας κρασί ; Εγώ διαλέγω Λαλίκος Ροζέ και Κανένας Λευκό, Τσάνταλη.




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Weekend Finds : 5+1 Metallic Home Accents


 This post contains affiliate links to products i loved and i hope you do too.

That was a long absence, i know. Exsuse me. But i am back, working on a bedroom makeover and a new idea. Weekend Finds, you see i browse a lot on the web and usually weekends are all about shopping and dream carts! I thought i’d share with you my weekend finds. Let’s begin with my favorite! Metallic home accents!

 urchin-shiny-gold-decorative-object-dwl4400   Gold Urchins from Dwell Studio.

58026839ke_14_f Umbra Rose Gold  Picture Frame.

3D Printed Bowl

3D Printed Polygon Bowl From Mesh Cloud

Cyan Design Enigma Gold Large Metal Decorative Bowl

White And Gold Bowls

Metallic Gold Bowls From Black Cactus London

IMAX Nova Decorative Bowls

Are you a metallic home accents fan? I did not use to be a few years ago, but i am loving them now! I get older and wiser!

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