Fall Decor: The Autumn Constellations Gallery Wall

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Using the autumn constellations printables for a special fall decor
And you all thought i was never coming back! I thought so too, but then one day i got an invitation. An invitation to become one of the Creative Bloggers. And of course i said YES! I have to thank Eleana from My Home, My Memories for my return. She gave me the courage to come back! Thank you! And now you are all wondering…”what is that Creative Blogger thing?”. I’ll tell you more about it! Read More

Baby Girl Is Here

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She’s here! Our baby girl was born a few days ago, May 15th. I had a scheduled c-section. Can’t say i enjoyed it, but i did not want to try VBAC. My recovery this time was much better than the first c-section. No complications, but it’s still a surgery.

The new family member sleeps a lot, unlike her brother when he was that young. I hope she’s going to be a calm, kind child like her brother.  Her older brother is excited, until she starts grabbing all of his toys. I don’t think he’ll be enjoying her company when that time comes. He really enjoyed announcing to everyone that his sister came out of the belly, “the ball” as he called it. He enjoyed treating to all his friends and neighbors for his sister’s birth most of all. We are trying to keep things as close to the pre-baby era. Going out, all 3 of us, and spending time with him. He’s happy she’s here, but he’s still a 3,5 year old!

We have made a few changes around here. Got a new IKEA sofa, so now we have a huge sectional and our 50 year old dining table is back to being round now. We turned an old sofa to a raised bed for the little guy and many more. I’ll share them with you next week! Got to go now, she’s waking up!



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Life Updates Almost One Month Before The Big Arrival

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Oh my, i just realized that it’s been more than a month since my last post. After moving to my new host, Siteground, i got lost i know. I get tired very easily and since i am having some pretty strong contractions, i had to get more rest and stay calm. I am now in the 36th week of  my pregnancy. No more than 4 left, as you know, but risking a delivery way before time is not a good thing.  I did manage, though,  to finally makeover our Lack tables, which i plan on sharing with you on Thursday.

Naturally, i can no longer move around easily or see my feet. And i feel like a huge ball trying to roll around. Our baby girl is kicking and turning in the belly, her heart beats are normal and we pray that she comes when the time is right and of course, like all parents wish, healthy. All the paper work and my hospital bag are ready.

We already have basic stuff from her older brother. Car seat, stroller, crib and tiny baby clothes. I only bought a couple of girly clothes and an amazing Batman all on one set from H&M. No pink, fluffy clothes or huge hair bows.


Our little guy calls my belly “the ball” and is always asking when the baby is coming. He and his dad are very helpful. Hopefully, he will continue to be that nice and after the baby comes. We do know that he will be jealous and experience other emotions at some point, because this is a huge change for him. We’ll see how this will go!

Well, that’s all. Hope to see you all on Thursday!


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Weekend Finds: Home Decor Shopping at H&M

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I went shopping this weekend. ALONE! My husband had to work on Saturday and when our little guy heard the word “tools”, he rushed into his bedroom got this tool boxes and said he wanted to go with his dad. I just took advantage of the opportunity and they dropped me off at the mall! And my shopping alone did not involve a visit to the supermarket! Perfect!

After walking around and looking at a few spring dresses that of course do not fit, since my belly is already large enough, i headed to one of my favorite stores, H&M! I ended up buying pregnancy and toddler clothes. And that laundry bag in the last row. BUT i found some great choices for a couple of changes i want to make around here.

Like the candlesticks in the first row. I am probably going for the first ones, a tall and a shorter one for a tray vignette i’m thinking for our dining table. An old crystal vase, the candlesticks and maybe that beautiful emerald jar!

And these black and white pillows and throw will be perfect for a bedroom spring refresh! Just got to find the money for buying all of them now! Read More