Life Updates Almost One Month Before The Big Arrival

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Oh my, i just realized that it’s been more than a month since my last post. After moving to my new host, Siteground, i got lost i know. I get tired very easily and since i am having some pretty strong contractions, i had to get more rest and stay calm. I am now in the 36th week of  my pregnancy. No more than 4 left, as you know, but risking a delivery way before time is not a good thing.  I did manage, though,  to finally makeover our Lack tables, which i plan on sharing with you on Thursday.

Naturally, i can no longer move around easily or see my feet. And i feel like a huge ball trying to roll around. Our baby girl is kicking and turning in the belly, her heart beats are normal and we pray that she comes when the time is right and of course, like all parents wish, healthy. All the paper work and my hospital bag are ready.

We already have basic stuff from her older brother. Car seat, stroller, crib and tiny baby clothes. I only bought a couple of girly clothes and an amazing Batman all on one set from H&M. No pink, fluffy clothes or huge hair bows.


Our little guy calls my belly “the ball” and is always asking when the baby is coming. He and his dad are very helpful. Hopefully, he will continue to be that nice and after the baby comes. We do know that he will be jealous and experience other emotions at some point, because this is a huge change for him. We’ll see how this will go!

Well, that’s all. Hope to see you all on Thursday!


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Weekend Finds: Home Decor Shopping at H&M

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I went shopping this weekend. ALONE! My husband had to work on Saturday and when our little guy heard the word “tools”, he rushed into his bedroom got this tool boxes and said he wanted to go with his dad. I just took advantage of the opportunity and they dropped me off at the mall! And my shopping alone did not involve a visit to the supermarket! Perfect!

After walking around and looking at a few spring dresses that of course do not fit, since my belly is already large enough, i headed to one of my favorite stores, H&M! I ended up buying pregnancy and toddler clothes. And that laundry bag in the last row. BUT i found some great choices for a couple of changes i want to make around here.

Like the candlesticks in the first row. I am probably going for the first ones, a tall and a shorter one for a tray vignette i’m thinking for our dining table. An old crystal vase, the candlesticks and maybe that beautiful emerald jar!

And these black and white pillows and throw will be perfect for a bedroom spring refresh! Just got to find the money for buying all of them now! Read More

Weekend Finds: 1970’s Terrazzo Flooring

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Terrazzo Flooring in the Hallway

With all this mid-century craze going on this one could not be left out. Terrazzo flooring. I remember it while growing up. Everyone’s house in my home town had terrazzo flooring. Balconies, stairs, hallways, bathrooms… that weird looking thing was almost everywhere.

At some point people got tired of it, like we tend to do with all things, and started either removing it or covering it up with other types of flooring. Most of them, when it came to balconies and stairways kept it there, because it was already too heavy. Adding another layer of flooring might cause damage and removing the terrazzo is not an easy job to do. But it’s gone from the bathrooms.

1970s Terrazzo Flooring Read More

Weekend Finds: Removable Wallpaper Ideas

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I love them both, wallpaper and metallics. And a few years ago wallpaper was out of the question when leaving in a rental , but removable wallpaper is a renter’s friend. Unless that poor renter’s husband does not like changes, especially big ones, like wallpapers.

Although the ones i chose, most of them at least, are not that fancy. They are just a bit shiny. But not too much. Right?

Renter Friendly Removable Wallpaper Read More

Tried & Loved (Or Not): Homemade Cleaning Products

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Homemade Cleaning Products

There are so many different homemade cleaning products recipes out there, aren’t they? For laundry, dusting, cleaning and disinfecting. I have been using a couple of them of for many years and i would never go back to store bought industrial alternatives. Yes, baking soda is awesome. So is olive oil. And you still can breathe while using them. I have not tried using hydrogen peroxide or borax, i use what there’s in the home and essential oils. Especially lemon, i love that smell.

Like in all things, in homemade cleaning products too, there are a few ones i was not impressed with and have only used them once and never before. Maybe i did not choose the best recipe to try, but we can’t DIY everything. There also some that i have never tried making, like homemade laundry detergent.  So, without further ado, here’s my honest opinion after having used of few of all these homemade cleaning products.

Homemade Cleaning Products

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