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Black And White With A Touch Of Grey And Brown For Our Bedroom Makeover

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 We have been living in this house for almost 6 years and this is the first time i actually like bedroom. Our bed, to be exact. I hated that bed from that very first time we got it, but that’s another story! After a few experiments with color, which i kind of liked, but not loved, i turned to neutrals. I tried color, failed and i am going back to my favorite black and white! With a touch of brown and grey. They sound a lot, i know, but they are not. Our bedroom makeover begins. I hope you enjoy it!

 Μετά από σχεδόν 6 χρόνια διαμονής σε αυτό το σπίτι είναι η πρώτη φορά που μου αρέσει η κρεβατοκάμαρα μας. Το κρεβάτι για να είμαι ειλικρινής, θα φτάσουμε και στην ανακαίνιση όλου του δωματίου, σιγά σιγά. Αφού λοιπόν το προσπάθησα με τα χρώματα, αλλά δεν είχα τρελαθεί κιόλας, επέστρεψα στο λατρεμένο ασπρόμαυρο, με λίγο καφέ και γκρι. Λίγο, όχι πολύ.

Black And White With A Touch Of Grey And Brown For Our Bedroom Makeover

 You can read all about my first attempt for making over the bed here.  It was ok i think, but i can not stand color, what can i say? After getting a new dining table we placed the old tabletop behind our bed, that was the most convenient place for it,  and that was it. The time for a bedroom makeover.

 Εδώ μπορείτε να διαβάσετε για την πρώτη απόπειρα ανανέωσης του κρεβατιού. Είπα να πειραματιστώ με το χρώμα, αλλά δεν δουλεύει αυτή η σχέση τελικά.  Συνεχίζω…όταν αλλάξαμε το τραπέζι μας βάλαμε την τάβλα πίσω από το κρεβάτι, μόνο εκεί χωρούσε δηλαδή, και τότε πήρα την απόφαση. Είχε έρθει η ώρα να τα αλλάξω σχεδόν όλα στο δωμάτιο.

How to hide a table top in plain view!

 So…i got an old tablecloth and black fabric dye and there was the fabric for our headboard and 2 cushions. That only cost me 2€! Yes, 2€ for a new headboard! Not bad! I got the geometric fabric and two larger cushions from IKEA. These cost 26€. I already had the bolster pillow and the faux fur throw blanket. Total cost so far : 28€!  I sewed the pillow and headboard covers with my sewing machine. I’ll get back to them next week.

 Και να πως έγινε… έβαψα ένα παλιό τραπεζομάντηλο μαύρο. Η βαφή στοίχισε 2€. Έτοιμο το ύφασμα για το κεφαλάρι και 2 μαξιλαράκια.  Το ύφασμα με το γεωμετρικό σχέδιο καθώς και τα 2 μεγάλα μαξιλάρια τα πήρα από το ΙΚΕΑ. Αυτά στοίχισαν 26€. Το μακρόστενο μαξιλάρι και το ριχτάρι τα είχα εδώ και καιρό στην ντουλάπα. Σύνολο : 28€. Όχι κι άσχημα! ΄Εραψα τα καλύμματα για τα μαξιλάρια και το κεφαλάρι με την μηχανή μου. Θα σας πω περισσότερα για αυτά από βδομάδα.

Bedroom Makeover In Neutrals

 Hopefully this makeover will not cost more than 100$. I still have to paint the chandelier, the Vitssjo office, get new curtains and decorate above our bed. I am thinking white curtains and black chandelier. What do you think? Are you planning a bedroom makeover?

 Ελπίζω ότι αυτές οι αλλαγές θα στοιχίσουν λιγότερα από 100€. Πρέπει να βάψω το φωτιστικό, το γραφείο, να αλλάξω κουρτίνες και να διακοσμήσω πάνω από το κρεβάτι. Λέω να κάνω μαύρο το φωτιστικό και να πάρω λευκές κουρτίνες. Εσείς τι λέτε ; Έχετε στο πρόγραμμα καμία ανακαινισούλα ;

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  • Reply
    September 23, 2016 at 06:06

    Your bedroom makeover looks wonderful so far! White curtains and a black chandelier sounds like a great combination. Can’t wait to see the finished result! 🙂

    • Reply
      September 23, 2016 at 11:40

      Thank you Keri. Hopefully the curtains and desk will be finished next week.

  • Reply
    September 22, 2016 at 13:45

    Wow, you did a great job.! I especially love those pillows. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

    • Reply
      September 22, 2016 at 22:41

      Thank you so much Teresa.

  • Reply
    Mary-the boondocks blog
    September 20, 2016 at 09:51

    Zografia I love the neutrals you are going with. They are much more soothing and conducive to sleep. And you are doing everything on a budget which I really love. I cannot wait to see the rest of the room. The white curtains will be perfect.

    • Reply
      September 20, 2016 at 23:25

      Thank you so much Mary. Curtains are next! White, airy curtains.

  • Reply
    Katerina Konstantinou
    September 19, 2016 at 15:40

    I really love it! I am glad you used the pattern on the cushions and not on the headboard ! I am waiting for the chandelier and the rest of the makeover!

    • Reply
      September 19, 2016 at 16:43

      Thank you Katerina, like a friends uses to say “i’ll go for a bright black”.

  • Reply
    September 19, 2016 at 05:53

    Hi…yes, i like the new makeover! very mature and classy. where do you keep your sleeping pillows?

    i have always wanted to ask but keep forgetting..where did youl learn english so well? Or did i ask that once long long ago. so you have more to do on your makeover.. however i think those colorful pillows would look nice against all the neutrals, and maybe a vase with red flowers to match? And maybe not your style!

    • Reply
      September 19, 2016 at 16:53

      Thank you B. I loved your final sentence “and maybe not your style”! You know me well! I will prbably add a greenery in the room, but no flowers, a plant that makes no flowers. We keep our sleeping pillows and blankets in one of our closets, with our clean clothes. It is common over here. I studied English for almost 10 years, until i was 18, outside of public school, in a frontistirio. Like a private school, i think you use the word tutorial for this. These are very popular in Greece, sadly public schools fail in many things so parents have to pay for their kids to actually learn something. Even pay the same teacher that their kid has in the mornings in public school, so s/he tutors their child privately in the afternoon. For the same lesson s/he taught them earlier! Sad modern Greek culture!

    Leave a Reply