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Welcome! I guess you are a bit interested or curious about who i am and what i do, since you are reading this! So, here is the story…

 I’m Zografia, Zozo for some. My loved one and i live in the city where Frappe Coffee was invented. Thessaloniki ! I am a 30 something , new mom. A second man came in my life in late October 2013. Currently unemployed, like many others ! I started this blog when we moved to our home, a few months after unemployement visited me. Crafting was a way of keeping me sane! I began making some decorations for our small palace and after a while i started blogging to share my work with the world !!!!!!!!!

Would you like to know where did the name Bisozozo come from? Here is the funny story!

 That’s all folks ! Would not want to tire you with more ! Thank you for stopping by and hanging around ! Hope you visit Bisozozo again and keep in touch …!

I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me at zografia[at]bisozozo[dot]com.

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