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Give New Look to an Old Coat

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 We all love them and have at least one wool coat in our closet. Black mostly, but i would really like having a red one! Or an emerald green! Someday! Until then i gave a small retouch to one of my two coats. I bought this one, like many other things of my wardrobe, from one of my favorite online stores, YOOX.COM . Half of my shoe collection is from there! And this coat, which despite being almost five years old and having been worn a lot, is still in perfect condition! So, here is what i did with it…

easy coat update

 I bought this decorative leather ribbon without being sure what to do with it. I just liked it a lot.
When i took winter clothes out of the closet i thought of using the ribbon to refresh my coat a bit. I sewed it to the pockets and around the sleeves.
 But i was not really pleased with the result. I thought then of changing the buttons. And after that i thought of something that would cost me nothing, since i had everything i needed! I mixed white glue with black and graphite glitter and applied it on all of the 16 buttons the coat has!
retouch an old coat
coat restyle
 And i can always remove the pocket and sleeve decoration and buttons next year to change its look again.  Although, getting a new one sounds like a good idea! Have you ever bought anything from YOOX ?

Restyle a Denim Jacket

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 Let’s say you open your closet and discover you have 2 denim jackets. That’s what happened to me yesterday, as i was trying to find a light jacket to wear for going out. I think it’s no use use having 2 identical items. And since they both fit nicely, for the moment, i had the brightest idea! Make a new one out of the old…
refashion a denim jacket

 I got a pair of scissors and cut off the sleeves, to have one short sleeved denim jacket. For going out, i just folded them and left the house. While out shopping, i went to my favorite store, to see if i could find something to decorate my gorgeous outerwear. And i did find a great lace, for around the sleeves and beautiful white buttons to replace the ones the jacket had, the classic ones denim clothing has. So, here’s the story in photos…
restyle a jacket
update my clothes
I am sure you agree with me that i am a terrible model. Maybe i will get a mannequin for this job!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

No Sew T-Shirt Makeover

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 A few days ago, as i was spending my time looking around Pinterest i found a great idea for a diy no sew t-shirt  makeover from Anne at Wobisobi. She has many great ideas and tutorials over there but i loved this one.
DIY No Sew T-Shirt Makeover

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T-shirt restyling with grandma’s doily!

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My grandma loves knitting. She has made a ton of doilies for us. But…i am not a fan of having doilies around the house! I don’t know what i am going to do with all that staff! Anyway i found a solution for one of them!
A butterfly knitted with golden thread! ( I have three more of them! ) I bought a simple white t-shirt to add the butterfly on.

t-shirt restyle

I started by carefully removing the butterfly from the fabric using a small pair of scissors.

t-shirt refashion

t-shirt revamp

I added the doily on the back of the blouse. After some experiments i decided that this was going to be its place…
blouse restyling

I got some iron-on interfacing ( i think it’s also known as spider) and cut it in pieces matching the sides of the butterfly. I fixed them with the iron and in almost no time the doily was fixed in place! I did not use any thread to fix it any further since it was not necessary.  I let it cool down and got my small scissors and carefully started cutting the excess fabric under the doily.

doily blouse

doily t-shirt

Here is the result…

t-shirt revamping with doily
And here is how the tee looks on me…
t-shirt restyle with doily

no sew t-shirt restyling