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DIY Accent Wall In Less Than 1 Hour

- Home Decor
A Lace Accent Wall Idea

 I love a beautiful accent wall! I’d love to have one in every room! But i am the minority in our home, so creating one was not an easy thing to do. So i had to find a solution for creating an alternative to an accent wall. And i did. It’s a super easy, quick solution for an impressive wall.

Easy Accent Wall Idea

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IKEA Vitssjo Table Hack

- Home Decor, IKEA Hack
Ikea Vitssjo Table Hack. Creating A Home Office.

 Ohh..the Vitssjo laptop table. Such a convenient piece of furniture. Isn’t it? When we bought it, it served as a sofa side table. It’s ideal for eating at the couch. As the baby got older we removed it and now it’s back in the game! Here’s our Vitssjo table hack.

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Beautiful Indoor Plants And A Centerpiece Idea

- Home Decor
Easy DIY Planter Box. Adding Greenery To Your Home.

Yes…i’ve made it so far! I have kept these plants alive for almost 3 months! That’s a record for me! Our florist was right. These 2 plants, whose names i do not remember, are real survivors! But they are not worth of a plain plastic pot. So, i made for them a beautiful box.  Our green centerpiece idea really made a difference!

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How To: The Gold And White Chic Vase

- Home Decor
Wine Bottle Decor. The Gold and White Home Accent.

 We all want that, right? That, at least, one piece in our home that when someone visits their reaction is “oh! wow!”. We hope that they love it as much as we do, but even if that is not the case that one home object definitely got their attention! After all, we do not all have the same taste! And i am proud to say that guests always have a close look to that one object. Our gold and white vase. A wine bottle decor idea! Another reason to have some wine!

DIY Gold and White Vase from a Wine Bottle.

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