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Shoe Storage

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 One of the things i was not satisfied with in our home was my shoe storage! I used the upper shelf of my closet for that job. I had some shoes there and depending on the season i moved them up and down to some plastic boxes i had on the floor.  See?

 Now that we are getting a new dresser (around October 10, finally) i thought i should use the old one for something and not throw it away. And it’s new use is for storing my precious shoes! Each drawer has different height than the other so i could store all my shoes, heels ans flats! And for saving me time when searching for what to wear i took a picture of each one, printed it on sticker paper and glued it outside each drawer! So practical!
shoe storage
diy shoe storage
 Not bad for something that cost me nothing!!!!! I wish i had one of those huge closet rooms! Someday! So, where do you store your shoess?