Giving New Look To An Old Chair

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 We love our new bedroom! And the room divider is a great solution! The bed area of the room is always nice and tidy and the other half is the closet and ironing part! Really helpful!

 I made some small changes in the room lately. You know what i used ? Sheets. When we bought the bedding, we also bought a pair of sheets. I used the pillow cases to decorate the bed, as you see in the photo above.  One sheet is with flowers and the other with stripes. I used the one with the stripes to make covers for a pillow on the bed and make new covers for the pillows of a chair we have in the room.
 The chair had red covers, from our previous home.
 I wrapped the sheet around the pillows and folded it around each one, like wrapping a present. I hand stitched the sheet on the pillow, to keep it in place.
diy pillow covers

 As simple and fast as that we have a new chair!

sheet as pillow cover
diy chair covers
 I used another piece of the sheet to cover a pillow for our bed. I wrapped the sheet around it and cut a piece of sheet to wrap it in the middle, so as it looks like a bow.
no sew pillow covers
bow pillow

 There are some more things to do in our room! I will use the sheet with the flowers for them! I plan on using it as curtain! We will see how that turns out!

 Take care!

Our Christmas Decorations : The Grand Tour!

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 After some serious thinking, i decided i should let the world see our unique Christmas decorations! And have a shock!!!!!!!!! People who know me, know i am not a Christmas person! I have not covered the house in lights, santas, elves, mistletoes and similar stuff. And i do not have a Christmas mantel! Some of you might remember the wreath i made last year!

 And the ribbon Christmas tree , which decorates our dining table all year round!
 But…this year we have even more stuff!!!!!! Are you ready for this? Let’s go…We have two, not one, but two Santas! Santa #1…
 He is hanging at our hallway.  Next , Santa #2…
 And here’s another photo of him, to understand his size!!!!
 There’s more people! This is the moment you have all been waiting for…Our Christmas tree…dada…
 Our home is full of Christmas!!!!!!!!

Framed Dried Flower

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 I am not a romantic person, neither is my loved one. And i do not keep souvenirs, from anything. But this one was special! On our wedding day, when we returned home, my baby had a beautiful rose bouquet and two wine glasses waiting for us! And that was more than a surprise for me! I thought i should keep that bouquet, or a part of it. At first i considered cutting the flowers and placing them in a picture frame, but i was not excited with the result. So , i took them apart and with the rose petals i created a large 3d flower. Here are the flowers and the frame i used.

 I removed the glass from the frame. I used it as a cadre. I started by drawing a circle on the cardboard , to use as a guide.
 I applied white glue around the circle and started placing the petals. I used nothing but white glue for all the petals.
3d flower art
dried flowers
 My first souvenir is ready!!!!!!! Have a great month everybody!!!!!!

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decor

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 I had not really realized it until now. The days are finally here! I am getting married on Sunday! You all understand i was busy in the last few days! And i will be for a few more to come!!!!!!!!
 We finished the toilet paper roll wall decor update! We took it down and built a cadre with plaster board to put it back in. A little smaller now. This way we can take it off the wall anytime we want!

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Red table lamp

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 Remember that japanese style lamp i had made?

 You can forget it! It had a small accident! It is now broken! I wanted from a while now to make a new one and the time came! I searched around the house for inspiration! And i found it in two Ikea candle holders.

                     diy table lamp

 I used the tall one as the base and the round one as the lamp hat. I started by gluing them together with hot glue.
diy lamp hat
ikea hack lamp
 I used about 4 meters of red satin ribbon, 4cm wide, and about 1 meter of red lace, also 4cm wide. I started weaving the ribbon through the lamp hat. I used the same lamp shower i had in the japanese lamp and placed in the round candle holder.
table lamp
 I used white glue to secure the ribbons and the lace.  And of course i loved it!
new table lamp
cheap diy table lamp

red lamp

economic table lamp idea
 I must do something to hide the black cord! It emits a great warm light. And it looks really luxurious! The satin does all the job!