Shoe Storage

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 One of the things i was not satisfied with in our home was my shoe storage! I used the upper shelf of my closet for that job. I had some shoes there and depending on the season i moved them up and down to some plastic boxes i had on the floor.  See?

 Now that we are getting a new dresser (around October 10, finally) i thought i should use the old one for something and not throw it away. And it’s new use is for storing my precious shoes! Each drawer has different height than the other so i could store all my shoes, heels ans flats! And for saving me time when searching for what to wear i took a picture of each one, printed it on sticker paper and glued it outside each drawer! So practical!
shoe storage
diy shoe storage
 Not bad for something that cost me nothing!!!!! I wish i had one of those huge closet rooms! Someday! So, where do you store your shoess?

Diy room divider

- Home Decor
 If everything goes to plan in a few weeks our new bedroom furniture will arrive! Which means a chance for a room renovation! Our bedroom is spacious, it is about 22×13 ft. There is a lot of room from one side to the other, so i thought i could divided it in two. One side with our bed and night stands and the other with the closet, dresser,shoes and (unfortunately) the ironing board! Since we live in a rented home, i can not do much here. A room divider , i thought, would be a good solution. So i started making a one!

 I used the cardboard from a refrigerator box. I kept only the three sides and also cut the lid and the bottom of the box. Our bedroom is painted with a very light green, so i went with these colors. I bought green basic paint and also used the remaining from the wall color. I painted one side in a dark green. To decorate my room divider i used the flower stickers we have on the wall as stencils. 
 In the dark green paint i added some of the wall color to lighten it up a bit. I used that one to paint the finishing coat and to get a dark green stencil from the flowers. So here’s  the one side…
diy room divider
 That’s one side…let’s go on the other side of the cardboard…I painted it with the wall color i had to cover the cardboard and made a  light turquoise – green something, combining the two paints for the stencils. The final color was an accident, i just mixed the two paints until i liked what i saw! I think it looks better than the other one. Our diy room divider is ready!
cardboard room divider
diy room divider
 It is a bit short, so i will add legs to it. The first step to a more beautiful room is done! I’ll deal with the lighting next!
Enjoy the first month of fall!
diy room divder

Sparkly flats to sparkly flats!

- Shoes
 Hello…..i’m back! We were away for a while, so crafting was left a little behind! I finished my project today!     I had a pair of flats covered with sequins. I love those shoes. They are really comfortable and i can wear them almost all year round! You know the best part ? The sequins were gold, but…i could just flip them over and the shoes turned from gold to silver! It’s like having two pairs of shoes! As much as i loved them though, after 4 years the sequins in some parts had broken or lost their color. Especially on the sides and on the front of the shoes. So i thought i should give them a new look.
shoe restyling
 See? Gold or silver!

 I took off all the sequins! That was really time consuming and tiring but i made it! It was relaxing though! Like doing yoga, only more uncomfortable for my eyes! Anyway, i finally made to take all the sequins out after several hours! I liked their sparkly look, so i gave them that again! Only red this time.  I mixed glitter with white glue, in which i added some water to make it easier to work with and got started!

diy shoe makeover
All the sequins removed!
After 2 coats of glue and glitter…

 I covered them with 4 coats of glitter to get the result i wanted. I did not use any sealing material because the glue worked great and there was no need for that. I let them dry and put them on!

After 4 coats


 Still there was something missing! I got a piece of black tulle and glued it around the shoe and for the final touch i added the buttons from the flowers we have above our sofa. I will make something new to hand there! The shoes look much better with these details and as good as new!
shoes refashion
diy glitter shoes
glitter on shoes

 Hope you liked them! 


No Sew T-Shirt Makeover

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 A few days ago, as i was spending my time looking around Pinterest i found a great idea for a diy no sew t-shirt  makeover from Anne at Wobisobi. She has many great ideas and tutorials over there but i loved this one.
DIY No Sew T-Shirt Makeover

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Our dining table centerpiece

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 All this time i was not very happy with our dining table centerpiece. Yes, i liked it, but i was not excited. I had there the  ribbon christmas tree i made and some other stuff but i had to make something to make it perfect (for my taste at least) ! I do not like having lots of things on my tables as decorations. I want two maybe three to each one, no more. So, since we have a big dining table and the tree i had there was not big enough i had to make something to cover the blank! 
 My inspiration came from small plastic bottles ( i really like an orengeade lately that comes in those bottles). I also needed something to use as a base for our dining table centerpiece. So i used a plastic tray, the ones we use under flower pots to keep the water in. These two were the base for my project.

I cut the top of the bottles, sanded them a bit and removed the labels… After that i glued paper, in various sizes, on the bottom of them. I wanted them to have three different heights.
 Got some red ribbon and started covering the bottles. I glued the ribbon using white glue. I made various designs with it. On two of the bottles i added a piece of black leather i had ( i can not remember where they came from though!).
 Here are some of the finished bottles…
 To fill the bottles (apart from screws to make them heavier) i used some plastic branches. I “stole” a wreath i found at my parents house and now it was time to make something out of it! I made it into pieces and kept the branches and the metallic base (it will come in handy some day). 
 I spray painted the branches glossy black and used two of them in each bottle and tied them together with wire, which i made a little long to use it to support the branches in the bottle.
diy home decorating
  I spray painted the plastic tray glossy black and glued red ribbon around it, to break up all that black of the tray and the table. I used  nine bottles in total. I made three groups of three of them in the tray. Tied them together with black ribbon and added something sparkly to that one in the end.
tray centerpiece
 I really like how it turned out and how well the branches look with the chairs and the toilet paper rolls on the wall.
diy table decoration
 diy table centerpiece
 Here is our dining table corner. Complete!
dining table centerpiece
I love it!

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