Diy side table

- Home Decor
 Hello everyone! We were away for a while, we combined work and leisure for a few days! Only a few though! The project i was working on was time consuming so you lost me for a short time! I am back now! 
 I am sure you have seen around the web those garbage cans or bowls and vases people make by recycling magazines. Well i started making a garbage can but it turned out a side table!
 I used an old book i had, it was only gathering dust! I cut the pages of it and started folding them so that they turned out into strips.

  After i made a few i started gluing them together to form a circle with them, for the base ( it was meant to be one !). 
 I made the circle with a diameter of 20 cm and then stopped going! As i was making the base i noticed a metallic tray i had on the table, which had cost no more than 3 euros and then…inspiration came! Hohoho… kidding! I glued the paper onto the the back of the tray so as to make a side table!
diy furniture
 I had to think of something to support my table! At first i thought of making small circles with the paper strips. Then i considered trying to make small triangles with the paper and gluing them around the base until i reached the desired height for my “furniture”. So…
 First i cut each piece of paper into 4 smaller pieces.
Then, i folded each small piece into a strip, like the ones for the base. Now the tricky part (for me at least!).  I made triangles with each side equal to another. 
I  made the triangles for the first row 4.5cm each side, but there was a big gap at the end…
 I am not a very practical person, luckily my love is! So he did some math, counting the perimeter of the circle and dividing it by 10( we used 20 triangles, alternating them up and down). We made each triangle side 4.9 cm, calculating that their top would occupy some space to their joinings. So…if you want to try that and want 20 triangles, like we did, divide your perimeter by 10 and add a little something to your result for the place each triangle meets another. I am sorry if this sounds complicated! In my mind, in greek language it sounds ok! I’ll be glad to answer any questions! Ok…moving on…I started adding rows until i reached the desired height!
diy furniture
paper diy side table
 We decided to paint our new table red, spray paint it actually. It is a little lighter then the red i would prefer, i might repaint it! Here it is…it is not 100% straight, but we love it anyway!
diy paper side table
diy side table
diy paper side table
 It is not 100% straight, but we love it anyway!

Bib necklace!

- Accessories
DIY Bib Necklace
Luckily i gained a few kilos lately! So my old clothes no longer fit and one of those old clothes was the white skirt below…I really liked that skirt! 

skirt to necklace
I liked it as a skirt and i like it even better now that a  part of it is a necklace!

First i made a simple rosette, by cutting a long stripe of the fabric and twisting it round! For the second flower of my creation i cut 7 circles from the fabric , used one of them as the base and sewed the others on it, pinching them in the middle to make them a little fluffy!
diy bib necklace
diy jewellery
I made one last flower by cutting a larger circle and twisting fabric stripes around it. I glued one small rosette in the middle of that one!
turn an old cloth to jewel
After finishing with all of them i placed them on a piece of fabric to decide how i would place them. At first i wanted to add a rhinestone flower i had from an old pendant but i could not fix it on the fabric so i decided not to use it. I added a washer onto the big flower and small rhinestones on the other ones.
 skirt recycling reusing restyling
I glued them on the fabric with hot glue and sewed a golden chain on the back of it…
make a bib necklace
And of course…i wore it today! My new bib necklace!
 diy bib necklace
fabric flower diy

From beige to red! Shoes makeover!

- Shoes
I wanted to buy a pair of red shoes for the fabulous summer ahead. Before going shopping i went through my old shoes to see if anything was worth restyling. I found a pair of beige fabric wedges, which i had bought a couple of years ago for the amazing amount of 10 euros! They turned out just fine! Really comfortable! And they were the old pair to get a new look! A fabulous shoes makeover.
From beige to red. The shoes makeover.

I bought red fabric paint, i used a little less than two bottles of 15ml each, for 3 euros and some red glitter glue that cost 1.70 euros!

fabric shoes restyle

First i removed the little bows and i started painting!

shoes makeover
I covered each shoe with two coats of paint. The darker you want, the more coats you use. Right ? Luckily, the paint dried really fast and i did not have to wait before applying the second coat. (I am not a very patient person!) After finishing with one shoe i started painting the other with the second coat right away. Here are the shoes after the first coat.
shoes restyling
After i finished painting, i applied glitter glue to the heel and with a small brush i spread the glue. I did not use too much, i just wanted to add some shine and not cover the whole of it with glitter.
how to paint fabric shoes
shoe makeover
I decided not to put the bows back on. I  painted the small piece of leather that was under the bow red and added some glitter glue, to make it look like a red shiny stone. Maybe i’ll add something else, like a flower clip! I’see!  For now i’m going out to enjoy the sunny day and show off my new shoes!

T-shirt restyling with grandma’s doily!

- Clothes
My grandma loves knitting. She has made a ton of doilies for us. But…i am not a fan of having doilies around the house! I don’t know what i am going to do with all that staff! Anyway i found a solution for one of them!
A butterfly knitted with golden thread! ( I have three more of them! ) I bought a simple white t-shirt to add the butterfly on.

t-shirt restyle

I started by carefully removing the butterfly from the fabric using a small pair of scissors.

t-shirt refashion

t-shirt revamp

I added the doily on the back of the blouse. After some experiments i decided that this was going to be its place…
blouse restyling

I got some iron-on interfacing ( i think it’s also known as spider) and cut it in pieces matching the sides of the butterfly. I fixed them with the iron and in almost no time the doily was fixed in place! I did not use any thread to fix it any further since it was not necessary.  I let it cool down and got my small scissors and carefully started cutting the excess fabric under the doily.

doily blouse

doily t-shirt

Here is the result…

t-shirt revamping with doily
And here is how the tee looks on me…
t-shirt restyle with doily

no sew t-shirt restyling

Plastic spoon pendant light

- Lamps

This post contains affiliate links to products required for this project.

I finally made it! I have been wanting to make a lamp for our hallway. I found a beautiful one made with plastic spoons at guiademanualidades. The tutorial is in Spanish but the photos are great and it’s an easy project which requires patience! I gathered my materials and started going. I used a 10L plastic bottle, hot glue, about 270 spoons and….feathers!
plastic spoon lamp
There was only one small problem. My bottle, unlike the one at guiademanualidades, did not have parallel lines on it but a spiral, so some of the spoons are a little more pointy then the others but they are lost  in the chaos of the lamp. I thought at first to cover the bottle with white paper but changed my mind because i believed that it would minimize the light. 
plastic spoon lamp
So i started by cutting the bottom of the bottle and then i begun gluing the spoons. I broke the handle of them and kept just the curvy part. Since there where no parallel lines on the bottle the first line was not that straightened so i unglued the spoons and glued them more carefully the second time. I placed my lamp on a miniature of the Eiffel Tower that we have at home so that it was about at my height .
plastic spoon lamp
I glued 18 rows with 15 spoons at each one. When i finally made it to the top the curve of the bottle was kind of  inconvenient for me to glue the rest of the spoons. I glued and unglued them 2 or 3 times in different ways, but i was not happy with the result. I had two options : to cut the top part of the bottle or to find something else to use there. And then it came to me : feathers! 
feathers lamp

I was ready to finish my project! I glued the feathers on the lamp and i was finally and officially over with it!

plastic spoon bottle lamp
Kind of funny. Isn’t it? I love it! It was time the man of the house took some action and hang it!
plastic spoon feather lamp
plastic spoon lamp

I love my fluffy lamp! Since the time my love hang it i’m turning it on and off like a baby!

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