T-shirt restyling with grandma’s doily!

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My grandma loves knitting. She has made a ton of doilies for us. But…i am not a fan of having doilies around the house! I don’t know what i am going to do with all that staff! Anyway i found a solution for one of them!
A butterfly knitted with golden thread! ( I have three more of them! ) I bought a simple white t-shirt to add the butterfly on.

t-shirt restyle

I started by carefully removing the butterfly from the fabric using a small pair of scissors.

t-shirt refashion

t-shirt revamp

I added the doily on the back of the blouse. After some experiments i decided that this was going to be its place…
blouse restyling

I got some iron-on interfacing ( i think it’s also known as spider) and cut it in pieces matching the sides of the butterfly. I fixed them with the iron and in almost no time the doily was fixed in place! I did not use any thread to fix it any further since it was not necessary.  I let it cool down and got my small scissors and carefully started cutting the excess fabric under the doily.

doily blouse

doily t-shirt

Here is the result…

t-shirt revamping with doily
And here is how the tee looks on me…
t-shirt restyle with doily

no sew t-shirt restyling

Plastic spoon pendant light

- Lamps

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I finally made it! I have been wanting to make a lamp for our hallway. I found a beautiful one made with plastic spoons at guiademanualidades. The tutorial is in Spanish but the photos are great and it’s an easy project which requires patience! I gathered my materials and started going. I used a 10L plastic bottle, hot glue, about 270 spoons and….feathers!
plastic spoon lamp
There was only one small problem. My bottle, unlike the one at guiademanualidades, did not have parallel lines on it but a spiral, so some of the spoons are a little more pointy then the others but they are lost  in the chaos of the lamp. I thought at first to cover the bottle with white paper but changed my mind because i believed that it would minimize the light. 
plastic spoon lamp
So i started by cutting the bottom of the bottle and then i begun gluing the spoons. I broke the handle of them and kept just the curvy part. Since there where no parallel lines on the bottle the first line was not that straightened so i unglued the spoons and glued them more carefully the second time. I placed my lamp on a miniature of the Eiffel Tower that we have at home so that it was about at my height .
plastic spoon lamp
I glued 18 rows with 15 spoons at each one. When i finally made it to the top the curve of the bottle was kind of  inconvenient for me to glue the rest of the spoons. I glued and unglued them 2 or 3 times in different ways, but i was not happy with the result. I had two options : to cut the top part of the bottle or to find something else to use there. And then it came to me : feathers! 
feathers lamp

I was ready to finish my project! I glued the feathers on the lamp and i was finally and officially over with it!

plastic spoon bottle lamp
Kind of funny. Isn’t it? I love it! It was time the man of the house took some action and hang it!
plastic spoon feather lamp
plastic spoon lamp

I love my fluffy lamp! Since the time my love hang it i’m turning it on and off like a baby!

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